Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dream Big

I want this house for my family especially to my mother. Although I'm not yet finished with my course in college and I don’t have any income or work, I'll just build this in my dreams. :) We’re only 4 people in the family; my mama, papa, my sister and me. I know this is too big for us, but this is what I’m dreaming for, a house for my mom and sis. Why only them? Nah… it’s a long story. 

So let’s start…… 

When I enter the house, I want to see first the living room. A bright and clean living room.

There will be a small gym near to our living room. I really want to have gym. Actually, I just want a treadmill. Hehe But now I want to have more equipment.

 And this would be our kitchen and dining room.

We’re only four people in my family. But i want our table to have more than four chairs because we have cousins who love to visit the house when they're bored.

I also want to have a simple comfort room that is near in our kitchen. 

“Stairway to our Second floor”
When I was a kid, I really want to have a stairs in our house. Hehe But sad to say we don’t have one. 
So in my BIG DREAM HOUSE I want to have more than one stairs in the house. hehehe
On the second floor, the first thing you will see is still like a living room. But there’s no TV or any entertainment things. I just want it to be like this, there are  colored paintings and shelves full of books. 
“To be honest I’m not into books but I love to be surrounded with books. It makes me feel relaxed.”

On the second floor you'll also find the bedrooms, work rooms and bathrooms. There would be 2 masters bedroom, 1 room for us (me and my sister), 1 work rooms for my sister, and  1 guest room. Every bedroom would have a comfort room/bath room. 


“2 masters bedroom”

First master room would be my dad’s room. He has no working place because he doesn’t like to stay in his room. He only stays when he wants to sleep.

And a clean bathroom for him.

To be fair… Hehe I also want him to have a walk in closet. Yes! It’s a bit small because his not like my mom who loves to buy and buy clothes.

The second master room would be my mom’s room. I want it to be simple but relaxing room and there will be a working place because my mom really loves to stay in her room while playing on her phone or updating her Facebook.

She always wishes or dreams to have a bathroom in her room.
Her dream will come true to my dreams. Hehe

My mom has so many clothes, bags and shoes so I want my mom to have a walk in closet.
She’s not that “fashionista” thing but she buys clothes, bags and shoes that she’s comfortable too.

“Next will be the room of my sister and me.”
This would be my sister’s room. Because for me she’s a “fashionista” I want her room to be more on fashion. “I’m her biggest fan!!”
So this would be like…
My sister also wants to have a sofa near to the window. 

 And I want this to be my sisters working place. She’s so addicted on reading blogs, reblogging, etc. online thingy…

This would be my sister’s closet. 

The bathroom? Well, we will have one bathroom. Yes! We will share. I don’t know how to explain it but the bathroom would have two doors. Whenever my sister goes to the bathroom she will see a door going to my room. See the picture? Hehe

This would be our bathroom.

And this would be my room. 
The first picture is the one i like. I really like black. I’m not into girly colors. Hehe but I’m a girl. Haha
I also like the second picture. I like the sofa (I don’t know if it’s a sofa) near in a window.

This would be my working place.
Yeah I know! It’s a bit plain. Hehe

And this would be my walk in closet.

The last room is the Guest room. Why we have a guest room? Because some of our relative wants to sleep in the house. So there… tada! A guest room! 

“Going third floor”

You can find the library and the rooftop. 
This will be the first thing you’ll see when you go to the third floor.

This would be the library looks like.
“I’ll be here when I only feel “pa senti”.” hehe

Outside of the library there will be a coffee place.
“For me it’s a coffee bar”
Me and my sister really loves coffee. So when we’re bored or I’m bored I want to stay at our coffee bar and stay at our rooftop. 

On the other side is our rooftop terrace.
I want our rooftop to be more on nature. Hehe

Sooo… This would be my BIG DREAM HOUSE.
Hope to have this someday. 


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